Zuena is tired of telling Bebe Cool’s son to stop impregnating house maids- Khalifah AgaNaga

Musician Sadat Mukiibi aka Khalifah AgaNaga has yet again fired bullets at Bebe Cool’s home this time demolishing father and son.

It should be remembered that the Ndabirawa singer has in the recent past been clashing with Bebe Cool’s son Allan Hendrick aka Paper Daddy.

Khalifah accuses Allan of disrespecting him besides branding him (Allan) an upcoming musician forever.

Allan too on the other hand had clashed with AgaNaga accusing him of disrespecting his father Bebe Cool.

This time round Khalifah attacked Allan again saying he’s ill mannered but it’s something he can’t blame him for.

AgaNaga said Allan is way older than him but he doesn’t respect his age just like his father.

He also added that Allan has impregnated every house maid brought to work at their Kiwatule home and Zuena is tired of telling him to stop this vice .

“Bebe Cool’s son is older than me but I don’t know why he doesn’t rsepect his age. Every bad thing is on him. He impregnates every house girl at his parents home and mum Zuena is even tired of complaining about that. But I put the blame on his father because he doesn’t respect his age too. The boy copies everything the father does. I have given him an offer to write for him good songs for free plus free recording so that he stops being an upcoming artiste everytime.” Khalifah said.

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