Ziza Bafana chased from Gulu

Gulu city continues to treat itself to unpaid for drama ever since the Operation Wealth Coordinator Gen Salim Saleh started engaging with musicians on how best to commercialize the music industry.

Many artistes had decided to camp in Gulu and most of these met with General and exchanged different ideas.

However, after accusations that money was being dished out extravagantly which OWC denied, the general issued a strong letter warning off artistes going to Gulu to meet him.

He said these should be blocked or even arrested.

This happened to dancehall singer Ziza Bafana who was yesterday denied access to the General and even ordered to leave the town.

Bafana came out to decry the poor conditions entertainers are in saying that he has brilliant ideas which he would like to exchange with Gen Saleh.

The Embuzi singer also said that the General should not chase them from Gulu because its their country.

“I want to thank the General for his good heart and may God bless him. However, I wish he could let us meet him because we have different ideas especially with those who represent us. Two years we are not working and even the apps to help music are not functioning. The General should also not chase us from Gulu because it’s part of our country,” Bafana said.

He added that they had decided with some of his group to record music and let it find Gen Saleh to wherever he is.

The dancehall star also added that UMA leaders are corrupt and employ favoritism which makes it difficult to access good services.

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