Zimbabwe records Covid-19 first death

Zimbabwe has recorded the first death of a coronavirus patient, the health minister said and urged the nation not to panic.

The 30-year-old victim was identified as Zororo Makamba, the son to Telecel tycoon James Makamba. This, according to family friend Mutumwa

Makamba was diagnosed after returning from New York and allegedly said that he had an immune system weakening myasthenia gravis.

Zororo Makamba – Broad caster dies of COVID-19

“He had other simultaneous genuine ailments, which made him defenceless. I wish to encourage the country not to freeze as a result of this passing,” Moyo told columnists in Harare, asking each one of the individuals who came into contact with the perished to go for screening. Zimbabwe had announced three affirmed desserts as of Sunday.

Police in Zimbabwe has been on the verge to fight COVID-19 following the directives issued by the government.

By around 11 AM EAT today, Corona-virus / COVID positive confirmed cases in Zimbabwe had reached 19 and nationals are urged to take the situation seriously and encouraged to take all the necessary precautions to stay safe.

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