Zari Hassan – I am a victim of domestic violence

Zari Hassan on Domestic Violence

Faded singer, businesswoman, and Uganda’s city socialite Zari Hassan alias the Boss lady has revealed she was a victim of domestic violence… In addition, during the glory days of her past marriage with singer Diamond Platinumz.

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According to trusted sources of information, the boss lady says she was harassed physically and thus many would not understand what exactly she was going through. Therefore it took too much courage to get away with the marriage because of the hard situation she was going through. In addition, Zari Hassan didn’t wait until she was dead…

“I am a victim of physical abuse, it took a lot of courage to be able to identify myself and say it is now enough. Do I really have to wait until I reach the coffin without saying anything? I am always scared, especially what people will say, maybe I will be judged or maybe I am ambitious or maybe we have good relationships that something family and community will say. no, I’m a famous person that will bring shame on my name.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platinumz
Zari Hassan (R) and Diamond Platinumz (L)

And I have nowhere to go, where to eat, I can’t get a job, I take my children away from their father, I will be rejected by my family, I will be a bad wife or partner because some African women were raised in circumstances to stay with their husbands in any case. I have often been asked why I give up all wealth when other women seek it. I was called a fool.

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While they do not know what is behind the curtain. When will all this end, and what time was it good to say then now is enough? There is no time but let me tell you something, everything starts with yourself. Because as long as you keep quiet and close your eyes in any way, it will never end. EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH YOU.


There is no reason to be abused even if he is bad or not, you have no right to beat a woman. Hitting a woman like a toddler.

I remember when I was in South Africa, there was a police officer. They often put inmates who beat women as well as inmates serving life sentences. Where inmates serving life sentences harass the men in order to taste and their taste for abuse. You cannot taste the taste of shubir until you taste it. Resist the abuse of his children and children. #SayNoToDomesticViolence” Zari Hassan said.

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