Zari dreams of chewing Rihanna’s forbidden fruit

Crazy world we are living in nowadays where people can reveal their wildest of sexual fantasies which at times are awkward.

Socialite Zari Hassan has revealed how she has a craving for fellow female, American singing superstar Rihanna.

The mother of 5 said that if she wasn’t straight, she would have loved to lollipop Rihanna because she’s absolutely sexy.

“If wasn’t straight, I would go for Rihanna, she’s sexy,“ Zari said while appearing in an interview with a YouTuber.

The Barbadian born singer is absolutely sexy and has had several people worldwide crushing on her.

She’s dated the likes of Chris Brown, Drake and is currently dating tapper A$ap Rocky.

Zari on the other hand has been chewed by several men but still has a craving for the boner.

Shes yet to settle down despite being in the retirement age.

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