Zahara Toto and Annatalia Oze fired from NBS TV

Zahara Toto and Annatalia Oze

Zahara Toto and Annatalia Oze fans got a stun of their lives when their typical time to tune in for every day. In addition, most inclining show UNCUT Kalakata which pretense on Sanyuka Television a backup of neighborhood TV, NBS Television. Also, as they hung tight for the tattle team on set futile.

This occurred in a period where nobody was anticipating that it should occur. The tattle goddesses it is asserted that they were in a flash supplanted by the most well-known parody team Maluana and Reign. The parody couple showed up on set rather than the standard Zahara Toto and Annatalia Oze. This is something that activated resentment among fans.

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Zahara Toto and Annatalia Oze
Zahara Toto and Annatalia

It is additionally accepted that the two tattle moderators were prompted by the NBS Television chief. However, to set out their instruments and leave the show to obscure hands something that solidified their nerves to the base.

We have not yet settled whether the two will speak to the station administrator. This, in order to turn around his choice or they, will step on their inner self. In addition, and proceed onward and leave the show in the hands of entertainers.

It ought to be noticed that Zahara Toto and Annatalia Oze left Spark TV of NTV Uganda in 2018. In addition, to join the Kariisa oversaw NBS Television where they have met the questionable misfortune. We will update you as often as possible to keep it Ugtimez as we reveal what truly happened that set off their terminating.

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