Yvonne Nakankaka and Dr Cephco S3xtape part two out?


TikTokers Dr Cephco and girlfriend Yvonne Nakankaka seem to be courting controversy once again.

This is after rumors surfaced that they have another S3xtape out there with them chewing themselves.

Social media streets have been filled with anticipation about the couple having recorded themselves while chewing the forbidden fruit and this has been dubbed part two.

It should be recalled that a few months ago the couple had a porn tape of themselves chewing themselves.

Dr Cephco had his big long wire pounding Yvonne’s beans to powder as she cried and yearned for more of it.

And with Ugandans being treated to lots of adult videos this year, they are eager for another one to devirgin the month of November.

For now it’s still rumors as the video is yet to be accessed by anyone despite the rumors.

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