YouTube deletes R. Kelly’s official channels

Streaming app YouTube has come out to reveal how two of American R&B singer R. Kelly’s channels on the platform have been deleted.

This comes after the iconic singer was last week convicted of sex racketeering charges.

YouTube said the RKellyTv and RKellyVevo channels were deleted although his music through third parties will still be available.

The I believe singer won’t be allowed to own or create any new content on the platform.

YouTube said the ban was in line of it’s services and policies after two women in 2017 launched a campaign to have the singer’s music boycotted on streaming apps and other media.

R Kelly was convicted of a number of sexual offences against minors, women and men and his sentencing will take place next year in May.

The mandatory sentence is 10 years for sexual offenders but owing to the nature of his alleged crimes, he’s likely to face life imprisonment.

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