You’re a liar, stop aggressive decisions – Muasa Chairman tells off Nawangwe

Makerere University Academic Staff Association – Muasa has trashed claims that they were consulted by the university council before scrapping evening programme and lecturer’s incentive scheme.

Dr Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi, the Muasa chairman, has today (Sunday) hit back to the Management for making understudied and aggressive decisions that affect their welfare.

Muasa accuses the University Vice Chancellor; Prof Barnabas Nawangwe of making decisions that are not properly understudied in line with the totality of Muasa’s welfare as primary stakeholders.

The academic body also claims that Prof Nawangwe is a liar after he told the media that Muasa members were consulted before the pronouncements.

In a telephone conversation with Cyclone Times, Dr Kamunyu, reduced the pronouncement to a scoring press conference, saying the university management never consulted them as the major stakeholders.

“The university never talked to us the academic staff yet we are the major stakeholders, all that work is going to be left to us, time tabling, supervision, the university had to involve all the stakeholders and understand how this is going to work”, he said.

He trashed the pronouncement adding that it is unfriendly gesture and aggressive by the Vice Chancellor.

“I wish to inform the media and the public that I know not of such conclusive consultations as claimed by the Vice Chancellor. To claim so is unfriendly gesture and aggressive”, he added.

Makerere on Friday announced that they had scrapped evening lectures for students registered on the evening programme starting August this year 2018/2019 claiming that the majority of the evening courses require more resources to run them than the revenue they bring to the university.

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The university also abolished the incentive scheme for lecturers. However, Muasa believes that abolishing the evening program does not mean that scheme is to go.

“The university council is trying to run out of the bill of paying evening teaching allowances, which is not the measure, the incentive scheme is instead related to internally generated funds [fees, rented spaces, project overheads, parking] which we will continue to generate whether we teach during the day or evening. As long as staff continue to teach paying students and do extra work [teaching and other aspects of student management – undergraduate and postgraduate] we will continue to struggle for a differential wage”, he said.

He also vowed that Muasa will continue to interrogate and challenge the pronouncements appropriately as primary stakeholders in the days to come they (Muasa) believe that it’s in the best interest of University Management and Council to lead a motivated workforce when compared to other public universities.

But Prof Nawangwe replied to Muasa saying that the University Council decision is the best for those who wish to continue offering evening programmes and for those who do not.

The university has however put a substitute for colleges which fulfill quotas on day and evening programmes and they will be responsible for managing such programmes including paying lecturers. But they will only contribute 20 percent of revenue to the Centre to cater for central activities.

Different people have also accused Prof Nawangwe of turning Makerere University upside down.

His administration has so far abolished internship allowances and meals for students, lecturers’ incentive scheme and the current abolition of evening programme that has raised public anger.

The university also has plans of giving out students halls of residence to private investors.

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