Your days are numbered! Ugandans hit back at Captain Mike Mukula over comments on Bobi Wine, remind him of his historic corruption scandals

Your days are numbered! Ugandans hit back at Captain Mike Mukula over comments on Bobi Wine, remind him of his historic corruption scandals

Several Ugandans on social media have hit back at former health minister Flight Captain Mike Mukula – slamming the ruling NRM Vice Chairman for Eastern Uganda over comments on Bobi Wine.

Capt. Mike Mukula at rally in Kumi made comments on the National Unity Platform Presidential candidate Bobi Wine whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi that have since angered his supporters.

“I see someone coming up with a diploma in music, dance and drama wanting to take power in this country. This is not a theatre and Uganda is not going to be an experiment anymore,” Mike Mukula said

“This is not going to be a laboratory for testing on how you can manage the future just like we failed in the past. We must secure our future.”

Bobi Wine supporters have since hit back, resurrecting the historic scandals in which the former health minister in involved.

Some accused him of at the mercy of President Museveni and said he will soon pay for his crimes including massive corruption, abuse of office and stealing money donated for children’s vaccines 2005.

Other crimes against Mukula included causing financial loss, embezzlement and forgery of documents and theft.

In 2007, a 200-page report named Mukula in two separate thefts which netted $1.63 million from a gift of $3.86 million to the Health Ministry from the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation.

Under local and international pressure, Museveni fired Mukula over separate corruption scandal involving cash from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The Global Fund suspended five grants worth $367 million in 2005 over the case, but no one was prosecuted.

Here are some of the comments on social media against Capt. Mukula

“Says a WASHED-OUT gangster who STOLE 210 MILLION meant for vaccines from GAVI. Like seriously!!! Do these unarmed robbers around Museveni even worship God? As a result of Mikes gangsterism, many babies died. In China, such unapologetic criminals who steal public funds like Mike are shot dead in broad daylight by the state.

In Iran, he is sent to prison for a billion years. But in Uganda, he is even given time to speak to the nation. Shame. But I understand where Mike is coming from, Bobi Wine has taken Teso, particularly Soroti by storm. It’s gone! Bobi has killed NRM there with ONE STONE, just like David killed Goliath. Mike and co are the people lobotomizing Museveni with their foolishly false views. Too bad, he is waking up too late to the reality of NUP EVERWHERE!, Onyango Ochieng Jr.

Your days are numbered! Ugandans hit back at Captain Mike Mukula over comments on Bobi Wine, remind him of his historic corruption scandals
Captain Mike Mukula

Incidentally the one with diploma is doing wonders than the rotten brains of the so called elites. The majority of Ugandans identify with him as their own. They love and cherish him so much such that u and your master who has no academic documents have a lot of jealousy on him. He cares about the ordinary Ugandans and he will make Uganda proud again,” said Lenon Mucunguzi.

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“If the brains that made you fly a plane became stunted in space and you became a failure in governance of your own people and u resorted to stealing Global funds meant for the people u serve, what moral authority do u even have to talk about governance, it’s people like you who have been a disgrace to your own people. Kyagulanyi has the heart that loves Ugandans, u don’t have any in your soul. Retire go home and rest,” said Betty Jaclyne Okoth.

“This primitive mindset is what has got Uganda in this period, say whatever you wish but 2021 the dictator and his mafias including you must go when president Kyagulanyi is declared, for your information its the heart and love for a country the makes a good president. that’s why president Amin was a better president than Museveni,” said Irene Renewills.

“As you a degree holder forgot about people’s life and you stole the Gavi funds meant for the HIV patients and you think Ugandans will just forget about that so easily, Even if you talk what Kyagulanyi is Heaven sent and nothing can stop him. NUP everywhere,” said Isaac Ssenkumba.

“What a shame upon this selfish Mukula! How can you say such nonsense when you support some turning Uganda into a kingdom and a personal property, we shall also not allow that nonsense. Let the will of people be respected. I personally don’t support Kyagulanyi but if Majority of Ugandans vote him , then let him be,” said Peter Amutuheire

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