You said the kids are not mine- Geosteady tells off Prima

Singer Hassan Kigozi aka Geosteady has come out to tell off ex wife Prima Kardashi. The two have been embroiled in a battle for some time stemming from the welfare of their kids.

Geosteady while appearing on Galaxy FM some time ago revealed how his ex wife had blocked him from seeing his two daughters Sorayah and Solange.

Prima however in response said that the Viola singer is a worthless father.

This is because he has never looked out after his children and he knows nothing about their welfare.

She therefore decided to forfeit him from their life and found that life is more simpler that way.

Through a Facebook post, the singer said that the problem is his ex wife talks too much and it’s not the kids who are in the wrong.

Geosteady also revealed how Prima told him that the kids weren’t his. He added that he has all the voice notes.

“You said in my car those kids ain’t mine that even if they die I shouldn’t come for burial (I have recordings) despite I’ve never done a DNA test for them and I guess you were right,” Geosteady said.

He added that she should stop tarnishing his name with such nonsensical talk. Rather she should call or text him and get help if needed.

“Stop using social media and stop fighting my brand at least I’ve done so much bad but the good has also added value to you. The problem isn’t the kids, it isn’t the support but it’s with you talking too much,” he added.

The singer was however told by his followers to make a DNA and find out the real truth.

Besides women always say things out of anger and the duo should sort out their differences minus hurting the kids.

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