Ykee Benda reveals why he hates Bruno K

Singer Ykee Benda has come out to make his intentions known about fellow singer Bruno K.

The Mpaka Records boss said that he doesn’t like the Faridah singer because he behaves like a kid.

The problem between the two arises from a woman that the two singers happened to have dated.

Bruno K alleged that the Superman singer snatched his girlfriend and even caught the two bonking.

Ykee Benda however said that the guitarist was only seeking public sympathy.

He added that he found the girl at Nessim’s studio and they exchanged numbers but she didn’t tell him she had a boyfriend.

Bruno K later found Ykee with the girl in a club and tried to put up an unnecessary situation.

“Bruno K is very disrespectful. First of all I didn’t snatch the girl but that guy used to come to the club and want to talk to the girl I was with something that wasn’t good,” Ykee Benda said.

Ykee Benda added that besides the girl moved in from both of them and even got married to another man.

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