Winnie Nwagi Reveals The Conditions To Get Married

Female diva and songstress Winnie Nwagi has revealed the conditions she will get married on.

The Sasi Ku Nyama singer said that she’s tired of fans pressuring her into marriage.

She said that there’s nothing good there and even those in marriage are looking for ways to escape it.

Nwagi further said that most couples are pestered into getting married and this is not something she’s going to do.

Nwagi went ahead to say that in her line of work, she wants a man who will understand her.

“The fans that keep pestering me into marriage know that it’s not easy. Most of the people you see there are suffocating. Some are even threatened to be jailed or done other sorts of things if they don’t consent to marriage. I will wait until the right man comes and if he doesn’t I can stay single forever. But above I’m not ready for marriage because I have to get married to a man who understands me because I’m an artist and at some point I will have to return home late,” she said.

Despite many men finding Nwagi an absolute beauty, goddess and bombshell, she’s feared for her notoriety.

Nwagi has over time showed that she’s not one to be messed with and can thump you to pulp.

The singer has been linked to several men including fellow singer Chozen Blood.

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