Whole truth why Karitas Karisimbi walked away from a live show

Karitas Karisimbi

Cyclone Times-News team has compiled for you the whole truth why Karitas Karisimbi walked away from a live show.

There is a heated debate all over social media platforms why NXT radio’s Karitas Karisimbi walked off a live show. Evidence reaching our news desk indicates that Karitas Karisimbi felt bullied by Co-host Ronnie MacVex during a heated topic. Therefore this act showed us the highest level of indiscipline by our so-called high profile radio presenters.

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Co-host Ronnie Macvex provoked Karitas when he said that her hair looks like for those women who crib in small rental rooms. Therefore this left Karitas bothered because she didn’t like her co-host to involve her in their topic of discussion…

“Why would you even get guts to mention my beautiful name in this ugly conversation. In addition, you have no single right to talk about my hair because you have never contributed a single cent on it. I value my everything and I can never give anyone a chance to take me for granted,” Karitas Karisimbi strongly barked at MacVex.

Karitas Karisimbi
Karisimbi smiles before the heated debate


Therefore she decided to leave the show after putting in hard feelings… But why would a professional journalist like Karitas develop hard feelings during a show… Do you copy what we are thinking… Details to follow

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