Whole Truth – God’s plan dumps Sheilah Gashumba and replaces her with a lady 3 times more beautiful

Whole Truth - God's plan dumps Sheilah Gashumba and replaces her with a lady 3 times more beautiful

God’s plan dumps Sheilah Gashumba and immediately replaces her with a lady three times more beautiful –The whole truth

Good days start humbly and end amusingly, that’s why cyclone is there to give you the best before you forget what day left you behind. Breakups are roaming around “ki Uganda Kyaffe” and someone would start thinking the government is behind most of them.
In small space after Zahara Toto and Big Papa Don Solomon giving us a show, a new break-up scene emerged and this is also about a celebrity couple involving NTV’s former presenter Sheilah Carol Gashumba and her rich boyfriend Marcus Lwanga popularly known as God’s plan, sit steadily and buy a packet of popcorns because I got you on this.

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On 15th August rumors broke to the media that God’s Plan had chucked Sheila Gashumba and as usual, this received cold water thoughts from everyone. This was like the 3rd time people were hearing this and as veterans of lugambo people are sick and tired of such stories but wait, here is a pick.

Sheilah C Gashumba went ahead and deleted all photos with God’s plan from her Instagram account and it is understood the gaffer also did the same. God’s plan through his snap chat posted that he had called it quits with Lil stunner Sheila Gashumba.

He posted, “I can cofirm that me and lilsrunner have parted ways. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏” God’s Plan according to insiders says he decided to make the decision after finding out Sheilah C Gashumba was cheating on him.

Things have been moving really fast since then and I even forgot to fasten my seat belt but eventually caught up, Sheilah Gashumba immediately absconded their apartment with God’s Plan and after a very long time went back home to her father’s house Frank Gashumba, it is believed the big man there and then welcomed her fatherly with a brand new ride Be My Wife one most of you know as [BMW] white in color.

God's plan dumps Sheilah Gashumba and replaces her with a lady 3 times more beautiful
Sheilah Gashumba’s new BMW

This has been considered a way of making her forget the breakup fuss on her head and with that done, many have credited the Frank Gashumba heavily, in the same period Sheilah joined a fellow heartbroken Zahara Toto and they embarked on a trip to Kabaale where they even both appeared in a live video telling people to stop talking about them.

A leaked screenshot appeared on Twitter where Sheilah Gashumba was asking for ways in which she could get rid of a “God’s Plan” tatoo she inked on her back near the neck area but with deep research and intel we can confirm that it wasn’t Sheilah Gashumba’s handwriting but a fake account created to hype the whole break up story up.

Sheilah C Gashumba herself came upon through her Facebook page and expressed her feelings about the tweet affirming that;
“Hoax accounts will kill people one-day 😂😂 Photoshop will kill you, people, one-day 🤣😂🤣😂 Naye Nga muli mutya !!! Kabale is beautiful.”
Before posting that though, God’s Plan [Marcus Lwanga] on the other end has been doing all the hurting things on his Instagram after confirming he called the breakup.

First, he posted a photo of a girl twice more beautiful that Sheilah Gashumba, she had this expensive hair that looked like it had been shipped directly from Brazil, her lips 🙆🏿‍♂️Oh my God, they were angelic, the eyes were pure white like she cried milk and no wonder God’s plan captioned the photo with, “Clean Heart ❤️❤️❤️” indeed she looked like she bathed six times a day but that was not all, when asked if that was his new catch and replacement, the big man replied with a (“🤜” “) an emoji we men use to mean “assured.”

Nabino Bikulu…


Seems like that was not all, he went on to post a video with the same angel in the background posing with him and coming near him in an attempt to grab his trousers and reach for something, you will like to see this one yourself I promise and if we were looking for concrete proof to burry the break-up lies, this made us have second thoughts

her new show God's Plan & Gash Lounge
Sheilah Gashumba and God’s Plan at their show dubbed God’s Plan & Gash Lounge

Now today Sheilah C Gashumba has come out still through her Facebook page and posted saying, “Sis is tired. Sis needs a vacation. Sis needs a massage. Also, Sis needs a shopping spree. In addition, Sis needs a speed boat ride at Speke Resort Munyonyo this weekend. Sis IS ME.”

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Now, am still contemplating the hidden message behind this post but who cares she was dumped recently and replaced immediately so we should not make our heads boil.
In other words marauding, people are not happy about this whole saga and most of them believe this is a stunt by the two lovers or say Exs to push up their popularity ratings because of their on going recently opened show. Could that be the case really? You can react in comments and let us know what you think but that’s all we had for you today.

In Case new developments crop up, Cyclone Times will dig them up for you… Thanks for Reading

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