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When Fate walked In part 6

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I was preparing to meet Dannyz parents…my soon to be parents-in-law. I asked Bellah what best outfit would make me appear appealing to them. ” I think a Sari will work for you, and a blue one will perfectly match u well”.

Mama gave me the money to get one, and when the d-day came, her and papa told me to behave to my best, speak less and be active in their conversations since some parents test girls that way. Danny came driving what he called his fathers car, picked me up and off we went.

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“My parents can’t wait to see you love” Danny told me, smiling. I was a little bit nervous by the time we reached. Dannyz mom came and gave me a warm embrace. she looked just like her son. ” so finally I meet Lynn. my son has always talked a lot about u…and every time he could, I just liked it when he spoke out your name” she dashed to the kitchen and with the help of some other lady, whom I probably guessed as the sister to Danny, they started lining up a lot of foodstuffs on the dining. ” should I go and help?”

I whispered to Danny. “no…later when they have known about you. she likes your name… she told me she had always wished she had a daughter called Lynn.” ” what’s special about the name?” “it should be your first question to her…” We sat around the dining, and we were later joined by Dannyz papa, whom I greeted by going down on my knees. They all kept stealing glances at me. ‘Lynn, could you please help me pick the other glass? ‘ Dannyz papa requested. he was pointing at some unique glass lying on one of the tables in the sitting room.

I stood, and when I made a move, the scarf I had covered around my shoulders pulled off, since it had got stuck between Dannyz chair and mine. my tattoo was in a clear display now… “LYNN!!!!!!” Dannyz mama exclaimed while getting up and moving towards me. I was scared. I grew goose pimples on both of my arms. Danny had stood too, got the scarf, and wrapped it around me.

” I’m sorry mama, the tattoo was my parent’s choice” I said in defense. she ran into my arms, singing the name Lynn, all over again. She was happy, but we, the people around her were wondering what was going on. ” mom” ” Danny, Lynn is your sister….” my eyes grew wide, and my body started shaking. I was shivering and sweating. “what are u talking about mom? Lynn has her own parents please, you told me am I have a sister, but it cant be Lynn, mom please”. She moved to and fro, and hugged me once again.

“I’m the one who put that tattoo on her, so that one day, I would recognize her, and the day has come.” ” Mom!!!!!!!!!!” I wasn’t understanding at all on what was going on. ” Lynn, let me make u understand dear, I gave birth to Danny two years before you. and his father took him away from me when he was just a little boy. he left me with your pregnancy..and by that time I had nothing that could allow me to take care of you. I named u Lynn after your birth and I myself stuck that tattoo on you…

After u had healed, I took you to S.O.S children’s home in Entebbe, and I begged them to take care of u until I would return and pick u. Later, your father returned and gave Danny back to me, and left again, but with the return of Danny came new hope, this man here now walked in my life and changed it, he was a good father to Danny… Even when I told him about my past. We went back together to S.O.S BUT found when someone had adopted u…” ” Danny, could u please take me home?” I said…

He got up and led me to the car. we drove back home in silence. Mama and papa were surprised on seeing us back early, but were further shocked on seeing the state I was in. “mama…Papa…I’m I your real child ?’ i asked in Dannyz presence. they were both shocked. ” why my dear?” mama asked. ” was I adopted mom?'” I called her mom for the very first time, and I also realized the change.


Papa sat back, staring at mama. ” Whatever has happened, all I can tell u is that u are our daughter. and we have always loved u so much.” Mama left off to their room and returned a few minutes later. She handed me a piece of ram shackled paper. I opened it, with Danny beside me. it was my adoption form from S.O.S. I was momentarily thrown aback and rendered speechless. Started feeling weak in my legs until I could stand no more, I finally gave way….

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