WhatsApp shutdowns worldwide, Facebook & Instagram reportedly inaccessible

The world’s most popular and American freeware, cross-platform centralized instant messaging and voice-over-IP service app has on Monday evening shutdown.

The incident was reported at around 6:00 PM EAT, leaving many users blaming their internet and mobile data providers.

“We’re aware that some people are experiencing issues with WhatsApp at the moment. We’re working to get things back to normal and will send an update here as soon as possible,” the company confirmed the incident through a tweet.

“And there I was restarting my phone, unplugging and plugging router, opening setting and checking mobile data connection and almost about to get jio recharge done,” Neha Srivastava IFS revealed how the situation treated her.

In other reactions, it was noticed that some users were also experiencing issues when accessing Facebook and Instagram.


“Hey guys can someone tell me that is Instagram and Facebook also not working or is there a problem with my net?? Plz tell,” Bakhtyar Zeb inquired.9

Accessing the Web Application (WhatsApp Web), the browser returns a 5XX Server Error, a sign that there’s a critical error on the application.

The error is returned when accessing the WhatsApp Web.

“My crush text me when I was sending a message WhatsApp gets down. What is this behaviour WhatsApp?, ” a follower noted with concern.

“The moment you go to restore a lot of people will lose their jobs because of WhatsApp and some will lose their marriage otherwise take your time,” noted HonoreMvula.

Ali Cue: What surprises me is they can’t put a notification on the app to say they are having problems so that people don’t think it’s their WiFi/connection. Sometimes it’s about how these things are dealt with…that would have saved a lot of extra frustration.

Syed mutahhar zaidi: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp is now down. can you please shut down the G-classroom, g-meet, zoom and LMS too? That’s what we need.
Kjr Da Juniorx: Guess What my girlfriend was asking for money and this happened.

PENZURA WACHO however noted through a funny meme that the WhatsApp engineerings were busy fixing the app to restore the service

Ironhearted eagerly requested the Tech Giant to restore the service as his fight with the girlfriend was still pending on the messaging app.

“Please fix ASAP my fight with my gf on whatsapp is pending,” Ironhearted tweeted.

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