Weasel looking to follow in political Chameleone’s footsteps

Goodlyf singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo younger brother to Dr Jose Chameleone looks like he’s set to follow in his elder brother’s footsteps of joining active politics.

The singer has been throwing hints about his future prospects in politics.

Taking to his Facebook page in a red attire affiliated to Bobi Wine’s people power, the Ebyaana singer made his intentions known.

“Before it was illegal ..

Am thinking of Mityana Municipality 2026
My people are you thinking what am thinking? Weasel posted.

It’s however not known for now if the singer is serious or playing some sort of a stunt to promote his new song Ebyaana.

The Mayanja’s have a not so good public image and therefore chances of making it to the 12th parliament might be a far-fetched dream.

However nothing can be ruled out as of now.

His brother fatally suffered a huge blow in his Kampala lord mayoral aspirations after garnering barely 20,000 votes.

All the best Uncle Daga in whatever your thinking to do.

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