Weasel and battered baby mama exchange kisses on camera (video)


Despite the ongoing reports of Weasel battering his baby mama and girlfriend Sandra Teta, the two have continued to leave haters fuming.

A recent video on social media showed the two exchanging kiss after kiss live on camera. They all looked to be deeply in love like whatever is happening in the news is none of their business.

It should be recalled that Weasel has been vindicated severally in the past few days for mercilessly beating up his baby mama.

Further, lots of people have been calling upon authorities to apprehend the singer and make him answer for these allegations.

Sandra however who people are trying to fight for has left many of these confused for continuing to wine and dine with the singer.

She even a while ago defended him saying that she was beaten by goons. Meanwhile Police is investigating the matter after the Rwandan embassy expressed interest in the matter.

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