Watch video as female fan attempts to f!nger singer Ruger on stage

A h0rny female fan attempted to chew Nigerian singer Ruger on stage as he was in the middle of a performance.

The Bounce singer was left utterly disgusted by this female fan’s actions and waked off stage.

This fan had first attempted to dance with the singer on stage but Ruger didn’t give her much attention.

On being turned down, she waited for him in the crowds and let her hands misbehave.

She pulled Ruger’s manhood which left the singer looking angrily at her.

He didn’t even finish his performance as he stormed off stage whilst this offender was heard laughing together with her friend.

This action left social media users airing different opinions about this action. Majority however were displeased that the so called feminists were not coming out this time round to talk about this shocking incident.

“Why are Nigerian feminists not talking about the harassment on Ruger?”

“Watched the sexual assault video of Ruger and I feel traumatized too. It’s so scary, the man was just performing his craft and someone took away his joy and peace. Imagine other men that go through worse daily but can’t say because the world would mock them. The world is unjust.”

“That Ruger video of him being assulted and disrespected by a woman is really so disturbing! It’s annoying that people find that funny, funny because it’s a man, and not a woman?? Smh!”

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