Was it a stunt? Martha Kay’s Range Rover recovered


Today was absoultue good news for socialite and media personality Martha Kay after she recovered her luxurious Range Rover.

Taking to her Twitter page, the social media comedienne said that she was over the moon for recovering the car.

Martha however had Real Time Tracking Uganda to thank for helping her recover the car.

She said that luckily for her, she had a tracker in the car which made it easy and possible to trace and recover the car.

Martha a few days ago was in tears after the car that she had possessed for just two weeks was stolen.

She revealed how she was so stressed and living through a nightmare. Besides she didn’t know where to start from.

However, yesterday she said that she had partners with Real Time Tracking Uganda who can track all motor vehicles, motor cycles and all fleet management services.

However, some social media users are not contented with how everything has evolved.

Some have concluded that this was a stunt and she was on a gig for the trackin company.

This is because thief not a police statement was presented.

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