Video: Zahara Toto and Dj Posha exchange punches in studio

It was almost uncensored and unfiltered as NXT Radio workmates Zahara Toto and Dj Posha almost traded blows in studio.

The two ladies who host the Chillout program got into a heated argument over work related issues.

Posha told Zahara how they need to share their work via their Twitter pages.

Zahara however said that she’s comfortable daring them via Facebook because it’s where she has power and influence.

Posha replied by saying that Facebook doesn’t add them any value and she doesn’t care about it.

A furious Zahara also said that she won’t share them via Twitter and just as Posha doesn’t care about her Facebook following, she also doesn’t care about Twitter.

Zahara then walked out of studio all furious. Posha then told KK the program manager how she’s tired of Zahara Toto’s bad manners.

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