Video: Winnie Nwagi is shockingly chased away from Ministry of Internal Affairs


Entitlement is a syndrome that most people suffer from and has caused many irreparable damage..

Swangz Avenue singer Winfred Nakanwagi aka Winnie Nwagi might have taken this sense of entitlement to the Ministry of Internal Affairs but got served hot while there.

She was chased away from the premises before even getting inside. Drssed in a skimpy outfit, the Malaika singer was stopped at the entrance and bounced away like a small pox victim.

It’s thought that her dresscode is the reason these officers chased her away. The officers can also be seen adding more words as she leaves the premises in a mocking way.

Just as she likes lambasting and blasting her critics, she might have gotten served her own dose of medicine this time round.

Video is attached below:

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