Video: Winnie Nwagi bounced from club because of 20k


Swangz Avenue singer Winfred Nakanwagi aka Winnie Nwagi is one person who can’t seem to get out of trouble.

The latest now is how she was bounced from top hangout spot known as Illusion bar.

Nwagi came with a group of friends and thought her celebrity status would earn her a free pass.

This wasn’t the case however as the manager said that everyone has to pay regardless of who they are.

The entry fee was just 25k which Nwagi didn’t have and there was nothing to be done for her.

She got chased away shamefully and she took to a social media video to lament.

According to Nwagi, rhe disrespect to celebrities in Uganda is too much.

Therefore the little they could do for them is let them access clubs free of charge.

She also said that the bouncers could have let her in free and stealthily with her gang as the boss wouldn’t come to inspect.

This comes after she had a sold out concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval and several others across the country.

It’s therefore a surprise that she wants to be given free things at the expense of someone’s business.

Nwagi was also last month chased from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for dressing indecently.

Days earlier, she had been banned from ever stepping foot in the UK alongside Fik Fameica for breaching a contract.

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