Video: Weasel runs nuts, dump his kids at a bar


Singer Weasel Manizo might be needing some rehabilitation as soon as possible lest he might run mad very soon. This is due to the deeds he’s been committing of lately.

The latest is a video showing him high on intoxicants dumping off his two innocent kids at Nomads bar in Gaba.

News surfaced last weekend on how the singer batters his girlfriend and baby mama Sandra Teta. Images surfaced showing Sandra badly beaten up.

She however came out to reveal that its not Weasel that beat her up, she rather fell in a gang of thieves who beat her up and made off with her valuables.

However, her workmates at Nomads bar refuted this and said that its Weasel who beat her up. A video has now surfaced showing the Goodlyf singer at the bar dumping off his kids.

It’s said that he suspected the bar owner of chewing his wife reason he stormed the area.

Weasel’s in-law Daniella Atim the wife to Chameleone also came out with evidence of how the singer has been beating up Teta.

She called upon feminists to fight and rescue Teta plus get Weasel into rehab before it’s too late.

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