Video: Watch As Spice Diana Is Bonked By H0rny Fan On Stage

Female dancehall singer Spice Diana almost got bonked by a horny fan on stage.

This was after she invited this fan on stage during a performance she had somewhere in the country.

The Batutadde singer almost got the fan releasing inside her.

She kept on pleading with him to let go as he almost unzipped his pants and hers.

The singer pleaded with security to pull the guy off her as she begged for mercy from him.

Hopefully she learnt a lesson from this incident and won’t be calling any more fans onto stage because most of these are usually horny.

Spice Diana has on numerous occasions provoked fans with her erotic performances and then goes head to pull them on stage.

Most of thse come with a horn percentage of no return limit and all they are thinking about is chewing her sumptuous sumbie right there and then.

Watch video below:

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