Video: Victor Kamenyo fights with wife


Local rapper and failed politician Victor Kamenyo looks to have resorted to domestic violence after both his careers went down the gutter.

A video that surfaced on social media has showed him fighting with his said girlfriend.

In this video recorded by neighbors who were atop of an apartment where the couple seems to reside showed the Nduulu singer running after his wife.

The two then exchange some blows as they get involved in a physical altercation.

This woman then moves out of the home to which Kamenyo follows her outside into oblivion.

It’s not clear what triggered off this incident between the couple as both of them couldn’t be reached by press time.

However, musicians of late seem to be involved in domestic assaults with their women.

Recently Weasel Manizo was all over the news for battering his baby mama Sandra Teta.

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