Video: Tina Fierce releases sumbie video of social media influencer over Bobi Wine


After failing to take in criticism caused by her earlier gossip job on the Scoop on Scoop program on Urban TV, Tina Fierce has decided to resort to personal taunts to battle her critics.

This is after she released a private video of a social media influencer known as Nabbanja Cecile.

Cecile through her Twitter page revealed how the ex TV presenter is a a total hypocrite after the way she used to attack Bobi Wine.

Yet now she acts to be so into the self styled ghetto gladiator.

However, Tina proceeded to upload a private video of Nabbanja Cecile in her couch touching herself.

In a tweet she has since deleted, Tina told Nabbanja how they have a lot to talk about.

Social media users are now anticipating for a hot video of the social media influencer.

Below is the teaser

Nabbanja Cecile 3D video

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