Video: Tiktokers Dr Cephco and Brenda Miles chew each other in club


Tiktokers seem to be running riot especially in nudity and naughtiness. Days after Tiktoker Ahereza Lukia leaking her own nudes, Dr Cephco and girlfriend Yvone Nakankaka released their s3xtape.

Cephco has now been indicated in another scandal and this is with celebrated Ugandan sumbie seller based in Dubai, Brenda Miles.

Brenda returned to the country a few days ago and vowed to chew her hard sumbie earned money. She also told all those with cash less below 5m shillings not to come close to her.

Cepcho was seen with Miles all acting wild and naughty. Cephco even appeared as if he wanted to use his tongue to chew Brenda Miles.


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