Video: Students recorded chewing themselves in laboratory


Just days after a video of Lubiri High School students doing themselves dirty in a bus belonging to Midland High School, another one has surfaced of two students chewing themselves in a science laboratory.

The girl in this video can be seen sitting on the boys thighs. The boys hands are allover the girl and at one time lifts her skirt up exposing her knickers.

This girl goes ahead to try out a doggy style insinuation by riding the boy. The other students in the lab can be seen concentrating on their lessons as this couple does bad manners.

When someone actually happens to spot them, the girl gets up leaving the boy rock hard. It seems the level of horn amongst these students has become so high of recent.

Most of these became sexually active durin

g the recent lockdown and the reason why these cases are becoming rampant can be justified.

The school of these students in the video is yet to be verified but we shall keep you updated.

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