Video: Singer Sasha Brighton in tears after being dumped by baby daddy

Local female singer Sasha Brighton is currently in tears after being dumped by her lover and baby daddy.

According to a video accessed by this  website, Sasha can be heard sobbing as she narrates how she’s going through a tough time.

The singer reveals how her world has come down crumbling in her.

This is all due to her lover and baby daddy dumping her.

According to Sasha who is an ex to Herbert Shonga,  this lover of hers told her to stop working and even singing which she all did in the name of love.

And now the bills are heavy on her including rent, food and everything else.

Besides, her lover no longer picks her phone calls and she doesn’t know what to do.


It’s not yet clear who this message is directed to as she’s always kept her family especially her kids private.

Netizens have however been quick to point fingers at singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso as the culprit.

The two were rumored to he munching each other a while ago when they appeared to he all over each other in a video shoot.

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