Video: Singer Mary Bata Gang-f!ngered by crowds on stage

Trouble is the song for majority female artists in the country. And with the level of h0rniness of fans in the country, a female singer will one day will be chewed or impregnated on stage.

There isn’t anywhere current that you don’t hear of how a female singer was sexually harassed by fans.

The likes of Martha Mukisa, Vinka, Lydia Jazmine, Winnie Nwagi, Karole Kasita, Kapa Cat, Spice Diana have all had physical altercations with their fans especially the male fans.

And this all originated from these fans trying to sexually touch or dance these singers.

And the master of this has always been singer Mary Bata. The singer seems to have copied the Chameleone trick of jumping into fans.

She however won’t ever do this again as when she did it, over a thousand fingers seemed to have entered into her cookie.

Watch video below:

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