Video: Sheebah furious with old pervert who tried to bad touch her

The queen karma Sheebah has come out to blast all men who see women as objects. The singer in a video posted on social media recounted a moment where she was hired to perform at a certain place in Kampala.

Sheebah said that she was hired by this seemingly good person that acts like a good role model on TV.

However, as she was sleeping in her car waiting to go on stage, this ‘old pervert’ came with his security and opened her car door as she was sleeping.

This man then started to act inappropriately trying to touch Sheebah in her secret body parts. An infuriated Sheebah thought of handing back the money and even reacting angrily but due to the love of her job, she restrained herself.

Sheebah wondered why these men who have daughters they pretend to love want to act like animals around other people’s daughters.

The former TNS singer added that she hates perverted men before advising them that karma will always come back to bite them.

According to Sheebah she doesn’t care how she dresses or how she’s seen on stage, when it comes to her body, its hers and she can do whatever she wants with it and nobody is allowed to touch it without her consent.

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