Video – Radio’s Producer Eli Arkhis shares memorable moments with him

Video - Radio's Producer Eli Arkhis shares memorable moments with him

In today’s article, we bring you an exclusive interview with the late Mwozey’s Radio’s producer Elisha Nsubuga alias Eli Arkhis as he narrates his memorable moments with him.

Eli Arkhis revealed that he had produced over 80 hit songs for the late Mwozey radio. However, at the time of his death, Radio had recorded and completed 22 gospel songs; 12 of which are on the album he named Kilimanjaro.


The Kilimanjaro album has songs like Niiwe Yahweh, Ekifananyi and Ow’omukwano and nine others. Tambula Nange, one of his latest singles, however, is part of the other lot he was working on. Listening to this song alone can give you just a hint into what Radio had and was to become if he had not met his unfortunate death so soon.

When did Eli Arkhis meet Radio?

I met Mwozey radio In 2015 and thats when we started doing the music.

Which song did you start with?

I  started with Nkwagala then others followed…

What was the experience in Tambula Nange?

When I was doing tambula Nange, I did not what it meant… So it’s like I was blinded with Radio’s music when I was working with him, particularly the gospel album… So when I was doing Tambula nange its really weird because you know when someone is still alive, you can not know what they are meaning… Hmm, When Radio dies, this is the real story, I get to understand the song when we were going to see mama Radio at his place… So as we were coming back, I tell my friend to play me that song, so that’s when I started realizing what the song meant, hmmm so that’s how funny it is…

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When was tambula Nange released?

I think the video was released when we were still in the hospital…hmm or I think after he died, between that time because I don’t remember

What Special thing did radio have that others don’t have?

Radio was too quick like he could write a song in less than ten minutes and you are done with it… The way he executed his music and above all he was a people’s people, hmm he was a person for everyone… Very many people used to respect him…

Eli Arkhis - Video - Radio's Producer Eli Arkhis shares memorable moments with him
The late Mwozey Radio

In fact, the radio people think he was is not the Radio I know. Therefore I can’t explain more to the people who didn’t know him however me I know him as me because I worked with him more… The time I was with him is when I learned who he really was.

What memorable thing did he tell you?

He told me don’t be the famous guy behind the music but be the rich guy behind good music. This because even if people don’t see you the music will speak how good and talented you are.

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