Video: Queen karma Sheebah shows why men like f1ngering her

Self styled queen karma Sheebah Karungi has been the talk everywhere in these past few days after her sexual allegations.

Although some people are starting to think that her story is cooked up and a stunt, she’s held the news at ransom and everything now is all about her.

Meanwhile she hasn’t stopped enticing and seducing men even after being f1ngered by the anonymous.

The Onkutudde singer during a recent concert held by Capital FM in Fort Portal left revellers wishing they could have their fingers around her hidden cities. But are Sheebah’s really hidden?

Clad in torn and short skimpy fishnets, Sheebah wiggled her booty like it wasn’t about to be chewed by Mr anonymous and his SFC guards a few days ago.

Many people have come out to condemn her skimpy outfits that they are the reason she will continue to get chewed forcefully.

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