Video: Police arrests woman who was disguising as woman to get chewed by men


A video is making rounds on social media showing a man who has been pretending to be a woman to steal a men.

This man dem woman was taken to Police where he was instructed to undress everything and remain sheer naked.

He did and shockingly had a Lwasa like pencil wire in his legs.

The officers were equally shocked at this incident and so were social media users .

From his appearance, to the way he talks and make up applied, everything about this fella was woman’s.

On the D-day, this man dem woman was seen dancing with a certain mzee known as Uncle Dynamite at a hangout spot in Kampala.

This Mzee was busy thinking that he’s enjoying the juices and would later slice but little did he know that he was enjoying a fellow man.

Such cases are rampant in the country with many young people resorting to such dubious work in order to make ends meet.

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