Video: Pastor Mondo almost shot me for speaking about gay people- Pastor Martin Ssempa

Makerere Community Church lead pastor Martin Ssempa has come out to reveal how pastor Mondo almost shot him for his advocacy against the LGBTQ’S.

Ssempa says that during the time they were campaigning against a certain pastor who was terrorizing young males, Mondo approached him and pointed a gun at him telling Ssempa how they would be driven out of the city if they didn’t leave gays alone.

The eloquent Ssempa wondered if Mondo is a pastor or soldier. He further added that Mondo seems to be a gay too due to his close affiliation to the group.

Further Ssempa dispelled Mondo’s allegations of teaching him how to use drugs. Ssempa said that he’s never interacted with Mondo for that long like he claimed.

The pastor also said that he’s going to sue Mondo for the tarnishing words he said a few days ago.

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