Video: Maulana is an abusive violent husband- Comedian Maulana’s wife exposes him

Nalujja Shubira Betty the wife to comedian Maulana of the comedy duo Maulana and Reign has come out to expose the comedian’s alleged violent behavior.

Nalujja said that she has three kids with him and they have been married since 2018. According to Nalujja, all was fine till the group became famous.

Maulana started coming home late and bonking every slay queen. Worst of all he’s become so violent to the point of beating her. He also stopped her from working.

“He was such a good man but everything changed when they become popular. He totally changed. He started sleeping over with women and to make the matter worse, he turned violent.”

“…I moved in about four years ago upon his request after courting him for years. But the years we have lived under the same roof have been hell. When Maulana made a name, he started bonking every woman that came his way, including fans,” she said.

She also revealed that attempts to flee the home with the children have failed. Police had also ordered the comedian to let Nalujja take the children since they are still young.

Maulana however threatened not to look after them if she takes them away.

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