Video: Lydia Jazmine’s video showing sumbie leaked


These days have seen Lydia Jazmine’s name out so much in topics not to do with music but rather s3xtapes.

Rumor has it that there is an adult tape somewhere that belongs to the songstress.

However, attempts to land our eyes on it have proved futile till now.

It’s not yet clear whether indeed such a video is out there or if it’s just unfounded rumors.

We however landed on one that has the Masukka singer acting naught and dirty like she wants it.

This was in a hangout spot where her alleged sumbie tormentor, Fik Fameica was performing.

Jazmine can be seen with a female friend all acting wild and naughty perhaps under the influence of heavy drinking.

Her People Power (red) panties can all be seen out as she doesn’t care to cover herself up properly.

Well there is no way she could cover herself anyway as she wore a dress with sumbie high slit. Her massive simbie is all trying to bulge out.

Below is the video:-

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