Video: Lydia Jazmine’s s3xtape in circulation


Netizens have been left in shock after need surfaced that there is a s3xtape featuring songstress Lydia Jazmine.

According to these rumors, the Kapeesa singer is said to have been banged by some anonymous dude making her sing in ragga reggae and rap at once plus making the bed drown in Atlantic Ocean waters.

The news has made the Ndejje students s3xtape which has been trending to get wiped off the scene.

Everyone is now talking about Jazmine’s video as they look for it to have a glimpse of the singer’s long ropes plus her t1tties and @ss bouncing on the guy’s cassava.

However after checking for this tape evwrywhere, we can reliably confirm that there is no such thing as a s3xtape belonging to the sexy singer.

Those wanting it should go ahead and look for it but for now Jazmine is as pure as a virgin although she’s not one but we are sure she has no adult tape out there.

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