Video: Lydia Jazmine amd Winnie Nwagi parade goodies in skimpy outfits


Talk about sexiness, talent, beauty and curves in the Ugandan music industry and two names will top the list. These are non other than Lydia Jazmine amd Winnie Nwagi.

The duo have it all and are not shy at all when it comes to showing off their bodies. These two leave men yearning for a feel of their goddess bodies.

The two could even be the cause as to why the prices of soap skyrocketed due to increased demand yet here we are blaming the Russia-Ukraine war.

Jazmine and Nwagi showed off their sexy bodies and dance moves at Sheilah Gashumba’s recent edition of ChopLife Sundays.

Jazmine clad in a Firebrigade sort of trouser exposed her g-string panties as Nwagi showed off her gigantic curves in sexy short skimpy patra shorts.

Watch videos below:


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