Video: Keko on the verge of running mad

Ugandans on social media are worried about the situation of faded female rapper, Keko.

Most of these all agree about the same thing that very soon she could be running mad due to her appearance and health state.

In a live Instagram video conducted on her page, Keko looked all intoxicated and unhealthy.

Her skin appeared whitish, scaly and peeling off.

This saw Ugandans on Twitter request the concerned parties to assist the once upon a time budding singer to access rehabilitation.

Among those who showed concern was NBS After 5 presenter Sheila Gashumba, YouTuber Tina Fierce among others.

Keko who had hit songs such as Make u dance, Kele dance, How we do which won her a channel O music award was one of the best rappers in Africa in the early 2010’s.

Her woes started after she moved to Canada where she openly revealed that she was a lesbian.

From there drug abuse became a habit of hers and since then, she has never recovered.

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