Video: Kapa Cat shockingly reveals how she stylishly shaves her Kapa


Renowned dancehall singer Kapa Cat has revealed how she stylishly shaves her pussycat.

Appearing on radio personalities Doreen Nasasira and Bina Baibe’s podcast, Kapa Cat was asked whether she prefers men who put styles while shaving their lower regions.

The Centre singer laughed hard about this and wondered why a man would do such.

This is because it’s a female thing which she herself does. According to Kapa Cat she shaves different styles on her Kapa Cat that include rulers, triangle, circle.

She also at times puts love emojis or writers her men’s name on the thing. This left her hosts in fits of laughter as they couldn’t believe what she was saying.

The singer was asked how she does this and said that she stands in the mirror and then shaves herself.

“Me designing its ok because sometimes I put circles, ruler, triangle, abacus but for a man, why should a man be designing himself while shaving. You shave and even out design such as his name like Mugwanya, Ssenfuka, Kityo and an i lobe you design. You just stand in the mirror and design your kapa accordingly,” she said.

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