Video: I want it on the couch baby- Zari Hassan and lover Shakib do it on the couch


Love is a good thing especially if you have someone that truly and genuinely loves you.

Things seem to be going great for socialite Zari Hassan and lover Shakib Lutaaya.

The two have seemed to be in a fairy tale sort of relationship in the past few months.

They are not shy to show off their love anywhere and can do anything they want.

A video that was uploaded on social media has showed the couple having some romantic time as they go ahead to show themselves some good loving on the couch.

Zari can be seen with her big fat nyash sitting on Shakib in a front cow girl style as he’s busy playing video games.

The couple have now spent a few months dating but have already showed deep affection for each other.

Zari who has been danced and tossed by many men hopes that this will finally be her relationship retirement package.

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