Video: I left Uganda because I’m gay and its an abomination there- Julie Mutesasira

While giving a prolog before her kids performed at the grand stage of the Canada’s Got Talent, faded gospel singer Julie Mutesasira revealed why she exited Uganda to Canada.

And the reason is one that we have all always speculated about, homosexuality. Julie says that she left Uganda because she felt unsafe in the country after coming out as gay.

And being the wife of a pastor, it was an abomination for her to live life as a lesbian.

Meanwhile Esther and Ezekiel revealed that their mother has always been their musical teacher. The duo said that their mother has always made sure to call and guide them whenever she was not present in their life.

Ezekiel says that her mother left when he was just 7 while Esther was 11 and this was the hardest time of their lives living far from them.

Julie meanwhile married a fellow woman with whom she lives with in Canada and their two kids.

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