Video: Gravity Omutujju brutally beats up fan who tried to f!nger his dancer on stage

Dancehall singer Gravity Omutujju turned body guard for his dancer, elephant dancer after a one h0rny fan attempted to chew her on stage.

The singer while performing his Tusimbudde hit had the crowd heated up and this fan decided to misbehave.

The elephant dancer was down on her knees twerking in a doggy style and the fan saw an opportunity to try and dive in.

He opened a champagne bottle and tried to oil the dancer so that he would just slide in.

Gravity however sensed the incoming danger before it happened like in one of the Hollywood spy movies.

The Tusimbudde singer did damage control and brutally kicked the fan in the face making him disappear into the crowds.

Some sections of the public were however not pleased with his act. This is because it’s the same thing he does with his dancers. He should therefore be ready to tolerate the horn from his fans just as he tolerates his.

see video below

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