Video: Female fan gets stuck inside Chris Evans on-stage


There is no absolute doubt that singer Chris Evans is a ladies favorite.

They love him so much because of the love songs that he does churn out for them now and then.

Amd for this case, he’s always had women running after him all wanting to have a taste and feel of him.

One lucky fan wasn’t ready to let the singer out of her grip when luck fell her away at his recent concert at Freedom City.

When she stepped on stage, she made sure to hold the singer so tightly to herself like tomorrow won’t ever come.

She spent a couple of minutes glued to him and he also let her enjoy her star struck moment.

When she finally let her grip loose, she was given the microphone to speak but then went numb.

This is as other revellers cheered them on and told the Rihanna singer how he’s getting laid.

Chris Evans is currently single after breaking up with his wife a while ago.

While appearing in a local TV interview, he said that he wants a woman who will apologize to him even when he’s the one in the wrong.

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