Video: Fan almost chews David Lutalo on stage

As women singers are still crying about being sexually harassed on stage by men, it seems like the boy child and singer has been forgotten.

Men are also being sexually terrorized by female fans and somehow men are expected to be polite to these women whereas women are applauded for being violent towards men who want to dance with them.

This was the case with singer David Lutalo who almost got chewed by a female fan on stage. This fan did all sorts of crazy things to Lutalo although the singer clearly seemed uncomfortable with whatever was going on.

A lot of female fans have been approaching male entertainers and doing all crazy things. For the female fans, beating up male fans who attempt such moves has seen them being applauded.

This just looks like double standards with women feeling like they are entitled to equality yet they don’t want to accord the same to the male gender.

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