Video: Bonking gone wrong as married woman and lover get stuck inside each other


Please and please leave married women alone, hehe you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. Despite the numerous cases of men always getting stuck inside married women, the vice hasn’t stopped yet.

These lads who usually think they are the best diggers after compliments by their women always go ahead to dig whichever ground comes their way.

However, this fella in Eastern Uganda might have learnt a lesson after what happened to him while bonking a married woman. In a video posted on Ntv presenter Daggy Nyce’s Instagram page, a duo is seen wrapped in a white bed sheet loaded onto a pickup truck.

These were allegedly found boning each other but the man got stuck inside the woman who is also said to be married. They had to be taken to a local traditional healer to be separated.

So brothers despite your prowess in bed, please abstain from married women and also girls abstain from married men otherwise you will live to tell a tale.

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