Video: Aziz Azion caught cheating on wife with slay queen Nana Weber


RnB singer Aziz Azion seems like a man who no longer sleeps home and in the comfort of his wife.

It rather seems that he spends the cold nights cuddling and chewing slay queen, Nana Weber’s sumbie.

This is after a video of the pair surfaced swapping saliva.

It should be recalled that the pair aroused controversy a while ago after being spotted together at several hangouts.

They all the time had intent of chewing themselves written allover their faces.

In this video, the two leave nothing to imagination and maybe social media users guesses of chewing each other are true.

Aziz as if to confirm his nocturnal games with Nana posted a number of wild sexual pictures of him and the socialite.

It should be noted that Aziz Azion has a wife who he’s been with for quite some time and together they share three kids.

The couple has been spotted severally at different hangouts having some quality family time.

Nana Weber on the other hand is married to an old aged American pensioner named Alex Weber.

She ranks among some of the certified man eaters in the country.

Born in Rwanda in 1997, Nana used to get smashed by several men around Kampala before moving to the US.

While there, she started shooting and sharing private adult content for her Onlyfans page.

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